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Artifcial Grass Singapore

Artificial Grass Installation and Turfing

The Ideal replacement for natural Lawn

Low Maintenance and Long-Lasting Artificial Grass

The ideal alternative to high-maintenance natural lawns, our luxurious yet ultra-durable artificial turfing is specially made to look and feel like a pristine, natural lawn. It requires no watering, mowing or fertilising, thereby saving time to upkeep compared to traditional gardens and landscapes.


Artificial lawns also face much fewer problems in relation to pests and weeds that often grow in the same space as natural grasses and living landscapes. While maintenance is still required to upkeep the look of these artificial lawns, it is much faster and considerably easier than traditional gardens, maintaining the look with none of the hassles.


Our artificial grass also comes equipped with a rapid drainage feature that addresses the drastic increase in water volume during the rainy seasons in Singapore. This creates a garden that can be easily maintained during both the dry and wet seasons of Singapore weather.

Artificial Grass Installation Singapore
Artificial Turfing Singapoe

Safer, Cleaner and Better Artificial Grass

Artificial grass installations have long been considered cleaner than natural grass. Not only will you not struggle with soil and mud issues, but the lack of living material will also discourage the habitation of household pests and the growth of weeds. This means that you can spend long hours in your garden spaces without worrying about adverse health effects that generally come associated with traditional gardens because of the everyday use of harmful insecticides and pesticides.

Our products in Singapore are also meticulously sourced and rigorously tested for quality and safety standards and are made without harsh chemicals and materials. These materials are also durable and will not discolour easily under the rigours of Singapore weather. All these factors come together to create a perfectly safe and beautiful landscape for families with pets and young children to spend time together in – the very reason why most of these gardens were built in the first place.

Singapore Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Star Landscape uses quality artificial grass that is specialised for use in garden landscaping. When you engage our installation services, you can expect a uniform artificial grass turfing with bright green colouration that is soft to the touch and has a natural V-shape that mimics the growth of normal grass.


Many people might not know it, but we have different grasses to suit a huge range of applications. From pure landscaping functions to pet areas, play areas and deployment in other unique areas such as rooftops and patio decks, we will choose the proper artificial turf to match the exact needs of our clients.

Unsure if you should go with Artificial Grass or Real Grass?

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