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Star Landscape Decking Option

Here’s our beautiful collection of composite decking.

Choose the one that suits your home or business.

Wooden Decking

One-Stop Premium Quality Carpentry Services in Singapore 

Are you looking for the most affordable yet quality decking and outdoor flooring for your home or business?

You’re in the right place.

Star Landscape offers low-cost and high-quality composite wooden decking, timber decking, awning, and gazebo solutions with lasting beauty and mighty durability to meet your every need.

Our Services

Landscapes are more than just the natural, green elements. We are able to add various man-made structures to fulfil specific purposes (create spaces for outdoor activities or furniture) or add to the physical order of the garden. Be it the installation of decking, trellises, awnings or gazebos, we take into consideration the function and aesthetics of our client’s gardens into consideration.

Wooden Decking Singapore

Timber and Composite Decking

- Timber: 100% Chengal

- Composite: Texture of Natural Timber

– Durable and UV Resistant

– Termite and Mould Resistant


– Wood or Metal

– Fiber Polycarbonate Roof that can be transparent to Opaque

Singapore Awning

Awning and Gazebo

– Outdoor Canopy

– Shades and Roofing Solutions

– Polycarbonate, ACP, Glass Roofs

1. Anti-slip and splinter-free

2. Resistant to fades and stains

3. Resistant to moulds and termites

Star Landscape Decking Benefits

Quality Decking combined with solid workmanship
ensures a seamless surface for your home or business.

Timber Decking
Timber Decking Singapore



Composite Decking Singapore
Composite Wooden Decking

Clementi Park Condo

Sunset way

The Cascadia Rooftop

St Hellier's Avenue

Wooden Gazebo Singapore
Outdoor Flooring Singapore
Composite Timber Decking Singapore
Outdoor Gazebo Singapore

Bukit Timah Road

Kew Terrace

Eastwood Road

(Pickett Fencing)

Metropole Drive


Our decking and flooring material is made from 100% Chengal wood or by combining recycled wood fibre and polypropylene to create a superior blend of composite decking. Chosen for their durability and strength to withstand heavy fixtures while withstanding the rigours of our tropical climate, these eco-friendly decking can maintain its vibrant hue for long periods.


From an outdoor reading space to barbeque functions, or even to suit the needs for other sports and activities better suited for the outdoors, a well-built decking adds much-needed functionality to many of our clients' landscapes. These decks are made from a variety of options, including timber, composite lumber, composite material, and aluminium – customised to best suit the requirements of your garden. Compounded with their resistance to mould and pests, we create long-lasting, functional and aesthetically pleasing decking to complement a well-groomed garden.


A trellis is a landscaping architectural structure often made from a lattice of interwoven wood, bamboo, or metal strips/sticks. These structures are crucial to support and display climbing plants such as ferns, shrubs and various flowering plants. Whether used for purely aesthetic or for a functional purpose, trellises can be utilised to fill up the vertical space within your landscape. Many gardeners have also utilised these trellises to plant specific plants and vines that otherwise require unwieldy and unattractive wooden sticks to grow on.

Awning and Gazebo

Simply put, these are the sheltered functions that we can add to your garden to beat the hot sun and regular downpours of the Singapore weather. Whether you need it as an add-on to an existing building or a standalone function, we can utilise a range of materials from polycarbonate, ACP or even glass to create the perfect fit for your aesthetic of choice.  Rain or shine, awnings and gazebos can create that space for your daily mid-afternoon activity.

Cannot decide which Decking or Roofing option is suitable for you?

Schedule a free discussion with our design professionals today!

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