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Thematic Gardens

It is often said that the natural space around you reflects your subconscious emotional state. That is why our company take garden theming incredibly seriously. Tell us what you want to feel, both when you observe the garden from your living space and inside your garden. From there, our designers will create a garden with a theme that parallels this feeling and bring your idea to life.

Our company provides an extensive selection of designs – Edible gardens, cutting gardens, butterfly gardens, evening/moon gardens, tropical/subtropical gardens, perfume gardens, cottage garden themes, eastern garden themes, formal gardens, Italian and Mediterranean garden themes, romantic gardens, children's gardens, secret gardens, and healing gardens –  for our clients to choose from. We understand our clients from all over Singapore have different ideas for their dream garden – and we are confident we'll design the perfect garden of your dreams.

Landscape Company Near Orchard

Landscape Design

At Star Landscape, we provide award-winning landscape design services that capture the imagination of our clients. However, fret not if you aren’t sure of where to start as our office is conveniently located in the Central Business District of Singapore – near Orchard – making it convenient for you to visit us for a consultation with our designers.

Paludarium and Terrariums - Water Based Designs

Our water features add elegance to your landscape architecture and garden design. We mimic mother nature's beauty through a wide selection of water features ranging from fountains, pools and streams to jeux d'eau, rills and even artificial waterfalls.


Our water features can be big and bold, but they can also be sized accordingly to add subtle detail to your garden and living space. Done correctly, these water features can often add wonders to create a peaceful ambience and atmosphere to indulge in.

Garden Landscape Design Singapore

Trellis and Decking

Trellises and decking can be used to provide structural support for various plants or create walking and sitting spaces in your landscapes.


Be it a concept for a resting area where you can read and rest after a long day's work or a dedicated place to practice yoga and other outdoor activities, the expansion of space can allow for many multifunction purposes to suit our client's needs.

Landscape Designer Singapore
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Vertical Green Wall

Integrating nature with modern structures has been a new and growing trend, and we have designed many walls with creative aesthetic designs over the years.


Alternatively, visit us at our headquarters in Orchard for a more detailed look at how our services can help you integrate the perfect green wall to add a modern, sophisticated touch to compliment the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Landscape Design Singapore
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