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Grass Cutting

Keep your grass safe from debris and pests with our professional mowing services. We enable your house landscapes to stay in progressing health by demeaning the production and accumulation of any unwanted grass problems.

Grass Cutting Services Singapore
Grass Cutting Services

Our experienced staff more than entertains your mowing needs with immaculate cutting standards. Here’s how we meet your expectations:


We stay vigilant of the size of the cutting by only removing about one-third of the grass length.


Organise overlapping movements to get an authentic sharp look.


We adopt various mowing techniques according to the conditions and reasonable cause. These techniques include; direction, perimeter cut, overlapping, lawn striping, forward directions, slopes, and obstacles.

Grass Turfing Singapore

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is a delicate art. It involves keeping landscapes healthy, clean, safe, and attractive.

Weed Removal

Star Landscape is all about professionalism and perfection. And we apply that same mentality to our weed removal services. If you need to remove out-grown weeds from your beautiful landscape, do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are keen to be the one-stop gardening solution for your lawns in Singapore.


Not only do we offer detail-oriented removal of the weeds within the surrounding area, but we also add preventive characteristics to the gardening space to remove future occurrences.

Lawn Maintenance Singapore

Hedge Trimming

We understand the biodiversity of earthly mechanics and pair this with extreme precision to provide quality hedge trimming. We bring perfection to your garden shape by pruning unsightly growth as well as removing potential stick-out branches that would contribute to the falling of dead leaves.

Why look out for hedge growth? Because an unattended hedge can become a place of habitat for various natural enemies. Keeping hedge growth and pollinators in suitable sizes is necessary to improve your landscapes’ health and avoid common garden nemeses.

Landscape Maintenance Services Singapore

Grass Turfing

Our natural habitat in providing exquisite grass turfing services to our clientele in Singapore has been widely praised. We are proud to do so as grass turfing has its own environmental and health benefits.


Our experts have valuable command over focus and accuracy. Moreover, they have acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge about oxygen-breathability, temperature modification, soil binding, turf design, and allergy control. Enjoy a garnished turf grass installation placed as a landscaping element to your garden.

Garden Maintenance Services Singapore
Gardening Services Singapore

Synthetic Grass Turfing

There is also the option of utilising artificial grass to minimise the maintenance of your living space. Without the need of watering, mowing, and feeding (fertilising) your artificial lawn, it does away with the fuss of a daily maintenance routine while diminishing the chances of the growth of other pests and weeds.

landscape maintenance activities

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