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Grass-Free Front Yard Design Styles You Can Consider

Not many landed properties in Singapore have a large front yard, but when they do, most people would either use it for parking their cars or install a simple lawn for aesthetic purposes. While those are ideal use for the limited space we have in Singapore, there are different styles that you might want to consider if you are thinking of remodelling your existing front yard or are looking into purchasing a property that comes with a large enough front yard.

Maintaining a lawn is one of the most labour-intensive portions of landscaping. It requires regular weeding, mowing, irrigation, and fertilisation to stay tidy and green. Using grass-alternative hardscaping and planting or artificial turf for front yards can immensely restore ecosystem function and habitats.

While it may sound like a lot of work, it actually is less labour-intensive as compared to a lawn. In this article, we will take a look at some grass-free front yard design styles that you might want to consider for your home.

Bringing the wilderness to your home

This design uses in favours a wilderness-inspired theme. Using a mix of drought-resistant plant species and some local plants, occupy a nice portion of your front yard. As the plants grow, they not only welcome birds and other pollinator creatures but also provide a pleasant shade as you set up a seating area for you and your guests to chill. To match the plants, you might also want to fill the ground with gravel as well as creatively place a few decorative boulders to add some depth to the yard.

Cottage Inspired

This design mainly utilises flowers or flowering plants but sticks to a limited colour range of different shades of pink and lavender, sometimes yellow too. The plants increase in height as you walk towards the front door, providing a seamless look from the entrance to the house.

Fun & Floral

This design is particularly suitable for properties that have a front yard that links nicely to the back yard. It combines floral elements with a bit of fun. This design dedicates a specific portion of the area for a play area that might be used for a small putting or a penalty shootout section. Waist-high and layered planting is used in the remaining portions of the site, establishing a not so formal boundary that surrounds the play area. Further back, taller plants with specks of red guide you and your guests toward the backyard.

Hot Desert

The heat in Singapore makes it an ideal country for growing cacti, which are probably some of the hardiest and easiest plants to keep. This design uses a mix of different sizes of cacti together with delicate flowers and soft grasses. Because of the type of plants being used, it also means that less regular watering is needed, resulting in less maintenance as well.


We are living in a tropical country, after all. Mixing large native trees and plants provides a dramatic design that is pleasing to the eye and clean. Not only will it provide immediate shading to your home, but it can also be a source of fruits if you were to use fruit trees.


The thought of maintaining their front yard might be daunting to most people. However, if done correctly, it does not need much maintenance and leads to rewarding results. From forests and deserts to vegetable gardens and external living spaces, front yard designs are limited to only your imagination. Take inspiration from the places you have been to.

If you are looking for a landscape specialist in Singapore, Star Landscape is here to help. We are an award-winning landscape company that fulfils the imaginations of every client. With our help, you can achieve the front yard of your dream without working a sweat as we provide regular garden maintenance services too. Contact us to get started today!

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