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5 Tips On How To Install Artificial Grass In Your Backyard

Updated: Feb 27

Tackling that landscaping remodel can be a challenging task for any homeowner, not to mention the process and the maintenance that comes with it. This is why most people opt for using artificial grass as it is the perfect choice when it comes to owning a low-maintenance yard. However, installing this type of grass comes with its own set of challenges and can be extremely difficult if you don’t know the proper steps.

There’s no denying that it’s an awesome feeling to accomplish something on your own, which is why some people opt to dedicate some time and effort to building their own garden – even installing artificial grass by themselves. If you’re one of those people, check out the five tips we’ve compiled to properly install artificial grass.

1. Understand how drainage works

Before you start installing artificial grass, make sure to consider the presence of natural drainage systems. Place them beneath your turf since just like natural grass as artificial grass is also prone to flooding. Most drainage systems are made from compacted aggregate base material which functions to enhance drainage and works even more practical than natural grass.

With the drainage system in place, it creates both stability and the right combination to secure water flows where you want it to go. This is especially key when you are thinking to include different types of water features to your outdoor landscape.

2. Choose the best turf

There are surprisingly many varieties of turf on the market, and it’s crucial to choose the best one that matches your lawn for any climate and style. However, the most important factor to determine in choosing one is the main purpose of the lawn. For instance, if you plan on making your lawn a children’s playground, your grass must have a comfortable texture. Check to see which grass needs minimal maintenance relative to other brands if time saved on frequent or monthly maintenance is something you are big about.

3. Finding Infill to match your grass

Infill is what gives your synthetic turf its realistic look or feel – it refers to the brushed fibres on top of the grass. Many people are familiar with infills and crumbs but not all residential owners use this type but instead opt for the different options: Silica sand and Zeofill for pet areas, Envirofill for children and pet areas, and T-Cool for hot areas, especially for the weather in Singapore.

4. Proper maintenance is important

When it comes to maintenance, you don’t have to worry deeply as you don’t need to be out every afternoon to ensure that every blade of the grass is well-protected. Maintaining fake grass consumes very little time and energy and would only need a simple power broom service quarterly, semi-annually or annually from professional grass cutting services based on the amount of time you spend on the area.

5. Let your hands do the work

After taking in all the important things to know and preparing the needed materials, it’s now time to start with your dream lawn. First things first, the removal of previous organic material like grasses, weeds and other plants make room for you to set up your base correctly. After carefully measuring the platform for the base, it’s now time to roll out your turf and make sure it is evenly spread. Cut the needed areas of the turf and adjust when needed to ensure the perfect fit and you are done.


More and more people are shifting to artificial grass installation due to the countless benefits it offers. If you have chosen to save some funds and achieve your artificial grass installation yourself, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to perfect the process. Make sure to check out proper tutorials or seek the advice of experts to get a proper job well done.

On the other hand, you can also call up a landscape company in Singapore if you are not confident or if you prefer to have the job done by experts. Star Landscape is here to help you with this process – from choosing the best turf to installing it properly and smoothly. Drop us a message and we’ll get you that perfect garden you’re dreaming of.

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