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3 Types Of Water Feature to Add to Your Outdoor Landscape

Updated: Feb 20

Adding a water feature can transform the atmosphere of your backyard in many ways. It not only boosts the sensory experience of your outdoor space, adds colour, movement and a unique set piece to your garden, it also adds a sense of tranquillity that can’t be substituted in any other ways.

Installing a water feature may feel like a major undertaking but hiring the right landscape design services in Singapore can ease the entire process. You will be guided in choosing the most fitting water feature for your yard, completing the whole process with minimum fuss and getting an amazing addition to your garden that you will enjoy for years to come.

Why add a water feature to your outdoor space?

Water features in the garden serve as focal points that draw immediate attention. They enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor space, drowning out undesirable traffic noise and creating an altogether sublime experience when stepping into your outdoor space. It can act as a centrepiece or as a complement to the theme of your garden while reflecting lights of various light installations to enhance the visual panorama of your outdoor space.

Whatever the measurements of your yard, there is bound to be a garden water feature that will fit accordingly. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite small-space, freestanding water features that we hope can give you some creative inspiration.

1. Paludariums and terrariums

A terrarium is a mini-greenhouse, providing a small, enclosed environment for certain plants. This self-sustaining plant ecosystem is essentially its own little garden world. A paludarium, on the other hand, is a terrarium with a body of water — an aqua-terrarium, if you will. It can contain both terrestrial and aquatic features and support a wide variety of plants: terrestrial, aquatic, semi-aquatic, plus a trail of epiphytes on the surrounding glass walls.

These water feature installations are ideal for homeowners with a small outdoor space or who love gardening but tend to forget watering their plants or don’t like getting their hands dirty. Paludariums and terrariums are space-saving, low-maintenance, and charmingly beautiful. If you want an aesthetic and easy-care addition to your garden, these nifty showpieces are the way to go.

2. Fountains

A fountain is a classic fixture that everyone can immediately love and enjoy. It can come in any shape and design. Whether it is a gushing, dynamic installation or a gentle, trickling water design, you can be sure that any fountain will be a showstopper on its own. Self-contained and freestanding fountains are moderately inexpensive, require no excavation work, and need not be installed by a specialist.

Fountains have creative flexibility — you can furnish decorative additions to a fountain, such as sconces and other designs, or light installations to ramp up its elegance and charm. Its marvellous appearance and refreshing white nose will surely make a stimulating addition to your outdoor landscape.

3. Birdbaths

Birdbaths are perhaps the easiest water feature ornament to add to your garden. They are fuss-free and beg no operative know-how. There are birdbath styles that suit every purpose and taste, from modest DIY pieces to more elaborate designs. Birdbaths enhance the pleasures of your garden by drawing your local avian population, being a popular choice amongst animal and bird lovers alike.

If you want it to be effective, try to go beyond the modest water basin and research how to attract birds, such as by including a battery-operated or electric pump to circulate the water and keep it clean, as well as make a flowing and splashing arrangement to add to your garden’s attractions.

Conclusion – it’s about enhancing what you have

Choosing the right water fixture comes with having a theme or image in mind and working to achieve it. Rather than plopping a random water feature and trying to get it to fit, most people build around it to create a visual and thematic cohesion that makes the overall garden experience a magical one. This is indeed a case of ‘a sum is better than its parts’ kind of situation at work.

If you are new to this or have thought about including different water features in your outdoor space and don’t know where to start, we at Star Landscape are keen to share with you the different options available on the market. We’ll definitely get you a variety of options that will work for your garden. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get working on the garden of your dreams today.

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