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5 Wonderful Garden Landscaping Solutions For Smaller Yards

Updated: Feb 27

Having a smaller yard doesn’t mean you can’t make it beautiful and the focal point of your property. Smaller spaces can still look well-groomed and well planned out, maximising the impact it creates when visitors come by for a visit and remain a beautiful sight to come back home to every day.

Still, limited garden space remains one of the biggest challenges to all homeowners and landscape designers alike. What plants should we plant? Which feature should we include? How do we ensure nothing feels cluttered? Fret not as there are answers to all these questions. If you own a small garden and require the help of a landscape company in Singapore, here are five intelligent solutions you can consider.

1. Break up smaller spaces

While this may seem contradictory, breaking up a small yard into smaller open spaces makes the entire plot look bigger. You can group similar furniture pieces to create different seating nooks for everyone in your family. This ensures that your garden isn’t cluttered and feel like a visual mess. In fact, larger spaces can still look cluttered if attention isn’t given to the layout and arrangement of various features you wish to include in your green space.

2. Use the same space for multiple purposes

Different people envision their gardens for different purposes. Maybe an open space for yoga and simple exercises, or a grill and various seating furniture for a get-together and hang with your close friends and even an area for your pets and children to play outdoors. Sounds like a lot of space required? What if we told you that all these could exist in the same space?

While it may not happen all at once, you are able to shift up the purpose of your garden space if you get portable equipment, taking them out as and when you need them. Portable grills and furniture, a simple yoga mat with various exercise and gym equipment – there is so much you can do to maximise the function of a single garden space.

3. Use awnings and vertical gardens instead of walls and fences

When not used properly, walls and partitions can make your garden space feel confined. Use awnings instead, allowing for plants and vines to grow naturally on it to give a luscious and gorgeous overall look to your garden. You can even install a vertical garden to create a dynamic garden, maximising the area you can plant your favourite plants, herbs and flowers in.

A great tip is to use a black fence or awning to act as an excellent backdrop for different-coloured foliage. This also reduces the stains on lighter coloured fences and walls that require a lot of cleaning and maintenance.

4. Don’t forget lighting

Make your outdoor area look more inviting with proper lighting. For one, you can use globe string lights to bring a great look to your outdoor space. Lighting, when done correctly, can emphasise the most beautiful parts of your garden (especially when you have a stunning showpiece) while taking attention away from other less visually pleasing elements. Other garden owners can also choose to use subtle uplights to give a gentle look rather than drawing all attention to a single spot in their garden.


While some might see a small garden space as a limitation, we say it comes with great time and cost savings when it comes to weekly maintenance. Smart solutions and ideas still go a long way, and we have seen small, beautiful gardens that are the envy for many other homeowners.

Star Landscape has seen and built many gardens for our clients, and we have implemented various creative garden designs and features for modern homes. If you are interested in landscape design, maintenance or even newer features like vertical walls, don’t be hesitant to contact us and we’ll find you the perfect solution for your green space. Also Know More About Sustainable Landscaping read this

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