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4 Creative Ideas To Consider When Designing Your Garden

Updated: Feb 27

They say that it takes 7 seconds to form a first impression of someone, but we say it probably wouldn’t take that much longer for someone to create an impression when seeing someone’s home for the first time.

Your garden and front lawn creates the first impressions for your guests and create the

A messy garden can create frustration and annoyance, while a pristine and well-maintained garden will invoke calm and a sense of pride & ownership.

If you are a new homeowner or want to make changes to your garden landscape design in Singapore after many years, there is no way to start by looking at other gardens and considering various designs. Here are some of the most popular trends features you can include in your garden in 2022.

Wooden decking, awnings and gazebos

Gardens aren’t just done for their visual aesthetics and are as much functional living space as your living and dining rooms. From outdoor workout and yoga sessions to barbecues or even as a quiet, peaceful space to read your favourite books, a range of practical concerns can be considered.

Wooden deckings are the primary physical features, creating stable footholds and adding various furniture to your garden. What about the wet or hot weather conditions in Singapore? Fret not, as we can also add awnings or a gazebo to provide shade and shelter for a good afternoon respite or evening hang. With these options open for consideration, you can build your garden with various social events and gatherings in mind.

Incorporating a water feature in your garden

Watch a Disney movie, and you’ll always see a fountain included in the gardens of various castles and palaces of the princes and princesses in the stories. Maybe that’s why it seems almost a magical thing to most people when they think to include one in their gardens too.

Water features aren’t just novelty pieces – it does plenty to change the look and concept of the entire garden space. Many clients have included fountains, streams and rills as the centrepiece of their front yards. When done correctly, these gardens are sure to be showstoppers that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Catch the latest green trend: Vertical Walls

One of the newest trends in gardening and eco-friendly designs, vertical walls are more than just a statement piece. It allows the green aesthetic to be naturally included in a building’s spaces and seamlessly integrate into your garden’s overall concept.

Whilst something new in the market, vertical walls allow different plants and flowers to be included in your garden, with some clients even adding a herb garden to complement their cooking requirements.


We’ve covered the various popular features broadly to see what they can add to the practicality and aesthetics of your gardens. Still, you can do so much more with your green space, especially if you have a specific theme or idea you have in mind. Getting professional consideration can allow you to see practical and feasible garden landscape designs in Singapore. Regardless of whether you’re thinking to make your garden a functional living space or an aesthetically pleasing centrepiece, get started on the first steps to making this dream a reality with us today.

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mukesh rawat
mukesh rawat
10 nov 2022

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