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Considerations For Gardens: Pros And Cons Of Artificial Turfing

Updated: Feb 20

We’ve all dreamed of having our own beautiful gardens one day, with its pristine lawn of green grass, delicate florals, expressive décor and maybe a gazebo or decking for that outdoor yoga or workout session. Indeed, there are endless options to create a creative garden design. But who knew that the first steps of creating the garden involve so many choices that bring about many of its own pros and cons.

One of which comes the most common question asked by garden enthusiasts across the island: do I use natural grass, or do I install artificial turfing? Are there any benefits and drawbacks that make one choice better than the other, or is it simply a matter of preference? We explore some of the key reasons you might consider artificial turfing over natural grass.

– Fresher looking lawn throughout the year

Not everyone might have green fingers, and definitely not everyone has the time to look after their garden proper. It isn’t just about the health of the grass (requiring different care techniques in the rainy and dry seasons); it is also about the weeds, pests and the mowing and maintenance of the grass as the year goes on. What you get installed is what you’ll have for the years ahead, honestly one of the only times you can say that it is ‘as good as new’!

– Time saved on gardening and maintenance

Fancy a less hectic and fuss-free lawn? Then artificial turfing is the right option for you. Synthetic turf requires minimal adjustments and maintenance to keep its great look.

Many of our clients who choose this option do so because of their busy work schedules. They want to come back to a day of relaxation rather than spending the evening mowing the grass, plucking the weeds, or tidying their garden to get that presentable and pristine look they have dreamed of. It can often be a nightmare for most people coming back after a long day of work to realise that they have a whole garden to upkeep after work.

– Healthier due to lack of insecticides and herbicides

One of the most important considerations for most gardeners is the aspect of health, particularly the use of insecticides and herbicides. If you are not someone well versed in garden upkeep, the issue of pests and weeds can be very frustrating. Insecticides and herbicides offer the easiest solution to counter this issue, but it also means that your family will be exposed to harsh chemicals.

The alternative would be to install artificial turfing, especially for people who aren’t keen to pick up lawn maintenance skills or simply do not have the time to do so. Lifestyle choices are one of the least considered options that we realise makes the most significant difference in getting the perfect lawn for our customers.


Even though we’ve listed the range of benefits of artificial turfing, we must acknowledge that sometimes it is simply a decision drawn due to our preference. Some people love the smell of morning mildew, the natural green setting giving them a calm and peace that artificial lawn just can’t seem to grant. Others might want to plant their backyard crops, from fresh tomatoes to herbs and anything in between, and that’s simply not an option easily allowed with artificial grass covering the soil proper.

Still, knowing the options and benefits that artificial lawns grant, especially for homeowners busy with work, becomes a very desirable option, fitting perfectly into their lifestyle because of the minimal maintenance it presents. From lawn maintenance to artificial grass installation in Singapore, our experts have created many beautiful gardens and lawns over the years. They have employed many effective solutions for our trusted clients. Don’t be afraid to reach out to our team at Star Landscapes, and we’re sure to find the perfect solution for you and your garden.

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om singh
om singh
Nov 10, 2022

I enjoyed your information's You did very well work keep it up 🙂🙂

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