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Wood Decking: Why It Stands Out Strong From Its Substitutes

Updated: Feb 27

With Singapore’s constantly warm weather, having an outdoor space in your property where you can just chill and have a feel of the evening breeze is greatly relaxing and enjoyable. Having a proper maintained wooden or composite decking can be a space for exercising, yoga, reading a book or even mindful solitude.

We are here to share more about wooden decking if that is what you are considering for your gardens, specifically the differences between composite and wooden decking. Read on to learn the difference between these two materials and determine which one is right for you and the desired activities you have in mind.

What is the difference in material between composite and wood decking?

Wood decks comprise the majority of decks built these days. They use all-natural decking materials, the most popular of which are treated lumber and cedar. Tigerwood, jatoba, and ipe serve as hardwood alternative materials. Since wood decks tend to be less expensive than composite decks, people choose them for the initial cost savings as well as their natural strength.

On the other hand, composite decking combines two decking materials: wood fibers and plastic. This combination tends to give off both natural and artificial vibes. The preference for this type of decking usually lies in its low maintenance costs and durable characteristics.

What are the advantages of wood decking over composite decking?

Initially, between the two kinds of decking materials, the composite deck seems to be the more cost-effective option since its proponents claim the advantage of being maintenance-free. However, if you’re going to think long-term, a wooden deck is actually your best choice. Here are some of the best benefits of wooden decking that prove it’s worth your money:

Great Aesthetics

Wood is naturally beautiful. While composite decking materials imitate real wood, there’s no replacement for the natural look, smell, and feel of real wood. The natural look of a wood deck creates an authentic appearance. With its traditional yet timeless look, wood decking holds the trump card for great aesthetics.

Easily Customisable

You can easily customise your wood deck with paint and make its colour complementary to your house. By simply sanding and applying a new coat of stain, you can already transform your wood deck. On the other hand, since composite materials are manufactured, their look can’t be easily changed without incurring some high expenses.

Lower Installation Costs

The main benefit of wood decking is its lower installation costs. If you're a homeowner on a budget, this would be the best material for you. The average cost of installing a wood deck is only over S$19,300, while the average price of a composite deck installation is more than S$26,600. Hence, you'll be reaping upfront savings when you choose to install wood over composite.

Higher Return on Investments

From an investment perspective, a wood deck is more beneficial than composite since it possesses a higher return on investments. An average homeowner or house-flipper with a wood deck installation can regain 72.1% of the project's initial costs if they choose to sell the house in the future.

On the other hand, only 66.8% of the project costs can be redeemed with composite decking. If your purpose for installing a deck is not just to expand your place or build an area for relaxation but also to add to your home’s resale value, a wood deck would be your wisest choice, as it’ll allow you to reap and recoup the highest possible amount of investment.


Choosing the right decking material is essential to making sure you get the best value for your money. As a homeowner, it’s very important to always weigh your options so that you’ll have no regrets in the long run. If you have a limited budget but you still wish to achieve the best aesthetics for your home deck, a wooden deck is undoubtedly your best option.

Aside from choosing the right decking material, it’s also crucial to select the right company that’ll build your deck. For an affordable and reliable wooden decking in Singapore, Star Landscape is here for you. We are a reputable landscape company in Singapore that provides a variety of landscaping services, including grass cutting, artificial grass installation, and wood decking. Feel free to reach out to us anytime to learn more about how we can help you upgrade your outdoor space.

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