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Pros Of Wooden Decking: Why Should Homeowners Choose It?

Updated: Feb 27

Garden decks are one of the most stunning, functional, and versatile landscaping features you can incorporate into your home. A garden deck can be used to create a seating space, an outdoor dining, a poolside, a hot tub area, or even a path, providing opportunities for better parties, grilling, or simply a location to catch some sleep on a windy Sunday afternoon.

While there is an excellent variety of decking materials and designs to choose from (wood, composites, plastic lumber, and others), wood remains the most prominent because of its aesthetics and other salient benefits. Indeed, wood decking in Singapore has become more and more popular over the years, and the reason behind this is not so hard to understand. Below are some of the best advantages of wood decking that draw many homeowners.

The natural look of wood is pleasing to the eyes

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, nothing can beat wood's natural and sophisticated appearance. It is truly considered to be one of the most desired materials to work with in any garden. Decking made out of plastic or metals can seem ill-fitting in most garden landscape designs unless a specific aesthetic has already been considered. Clients prefer a natural material that can fit seamlessly with their garden designs, granting it an appeal that never goes out of style, effortlessly complementing any kind of theme you are trying to achieve for your front lawn.

Wood is a solid and durable material

Wood generally lasts longer than you think. Garden decks made of untreated timber ordinarily last anywhere from 10 to 30 years, while those made of treated wood can last up to 50 years. But of course, the lifespan of your wood deck will largely depend on the type of wood you have chosen as well as the regularity and quality of your maintenance.

Many specialists of garden landscape design in Singapore recommend using high-quality weather-resistant wood for garden decking because of its extreme durability and resilience, especially with our local weather. Robust lumber will not only ensure that your garden deck will not buckle even when a lot of weight has been put over it, but it can also give you the guarantee that your deck can withstand the local weather for the long run.

Wood is very cost-effective

Due to its numerous benefits, you might think that installing a wood deck into your home would burn a giant hole in your pocket. However, you might be surprised at how wood is generally known for its affordability that doesn’t compromise quality, making it one of the most affordable deck building materials.

However, keep in mind that the price of your wood deck will depend on its scale, customisation, and the class of wood you are going to use. An average residential deck that utilises medium-grade lumber is cheaper than a large-sized deck made of high-grade materials.

Wooden decking is easily customisable

If you are trying to turn your garden into a green haven filled with different kinds of plants and butterflies or into an enchanting venue where all your outdoor parties and hangouts can be held, then installing a wood deck into it is absolutely a great idea. It is not complicated to match wood decks with various themes and designs.

Since wood is a construction material that is very easy to work with, you can customise your wood deck however you want. You can have it in a specific shape or pattern, incorporate shelving, or even play with your railings. With such a versatile material as a base, you are guaranteed freedom in customising your deck however you choose to do it.

Wooden decking is easier to maintain and repair

If you are always busy, and you just do not have that much time to clean your garden deck every day, then a wooden patio might be one of your top considerations. Wood as a material generally requires very little maintenance throughout its lifetime, as good wood age well over the years and obtain a look that changes its aesthetics under the weather. Compared to other artificial materials that would discolour or warp in the weather, wood’s ageing allows it to fit into your garden landscape continually.

All you have to do is polish it once or twice a year to keep its clean and maintained look. Building a shade on your deck is also highly advised to protect it from too much direct sunlight or moisture due to rain. Moreover, if damage has been caused on your wood deck, repairing it will be easy and fast since it will usually only require a small replacement rather than a massive reconstruction of the structure.


Nothing truly compares to the beauty, durability, affordability, versatility, and convenience of wood as a material. By having a wooden deck installed into your garden or any other part of your house, you can make your home look and feel more natural, warm, and sophisticated.

If the benefits mentioned in this article have already convinced you to go for a wood deck, make sure to select the right contractor that will provide you with the best services for wooden decking in Singapore. Choosing the perfect materials for your garden and a team of experienced professionals is vital as this would be a part of your living space for many great years to come. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions, and we’ll show you what great wooden decking options there are out there for the particular garden design you have in mind.

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